by Felicity Keats and Brenda George.

" Novel Writing Made Easy" is very different from any other writing "manual" you're ever likely to encounter. A double CD, the first is by Felicity Keats-Morrison, called "Novel Writing is Easy with Right-Brain Help". Felicity has had many years of experience as a freelance writer and is the author of a number of children’s books and creative writing guides. She is the owner of umSinsi Press, a publishing house, and has taught thousands of people from the ages of five to eighty-five how to write short stories, novels, articles and poetry using her highly successful, unique right-brain method of creative writing, in classes, work-shops and symposia, throughout the country and as far afield as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Many of her students' works have been published by umSinsi Press. On the CD, she describes right-brain function and how in it lies a creative writing genius that can help a person write amazing, fresh, original stuff that's imminently publishable. She reveals how to access the right brain and gives exercises in free writing, as well as seven different methods of writing a novel, all of which she has successfully used herself. She gives practical advice on the presentation of a manuscript and what to do with it thereafter. This CD holds all the distilled secrets of her success.

The second CD, entitled "The Craft and Joys of Writing", is by Brenda George, who is not only a highly experienced editor, but an author of novels herself. She has been a freelance Editor/Reader since 1972. She was a Literary Agent from 1992-1997 and a writer, mainly of novels, since 1982 (The first novel of her 5-book series, "Falling Leaves and Mountain Ashes", has recently been released). Her talent lies not only in editing but in DEVELOPING writers through giving them helpful in-depths critiques of their manuscripts, and working with them closely over several drafts, thereby assisting them to bring their work up to publication standard. She edited the novel "A Man Cannot Cry", which took her sister, Gloria Keverne, twenty years to write, and which became an international best seller. On the CD, Brenda describes many of their unusual experiences. She gives many handy hints, as well as some interesting insights into, and anecdotes about, the fascinating world of writing. She talks about novel writing in general, the importance of getting the right title for your novel and the naming of characters, how dreams can be a source of inspiration, research - in which she tells many interesting anecdotes about the researching of Gloria's novel and her own novels - the importance of viewpoint, characterization, storyline and what comes after a manuscript has reached its full potential and is ready for marketing. (This CD may also be purchased as a single CD. See price in “How to Order CD” section)

For any would-be novel writers these unique CDs will not only provide helpful instruction to get them writing and their work up to publication standard. but will provide much inspiration in the writing of their novels.

Should you wish to attend one of Brenda’s “The Craft and Joys of Novel Writing’ workshops in Pietermaritzburg, you can email her at brendag@mjvn.co.za